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Welcome to my website, where I share my personal stories, my inspirations and my healing journey of Breast Cancer.
In the end of 2015, I was desperately feeling sick. Every morning, it was so hard to get up from my bed. My immune system was hitting the bottom and I temporarily lost the vision of my left eye by Cornea Herpes. I also felt so miserable and lost in my life. There were lots of struggles and tough challenges even though people would not see that I had them.

Then, I was diagnosed with my 2nd time Breast Cancer in March 2016, which changed my life. People might think that I am in a bad place by having Cancer. Some people feel sorry for what I am dealing with. But I deeply appreciate that cancer came back and it gave me another chance to awaken myself as “WHO I AM”. If cancer did not come, I couldn't change my life and I could have died by regretting that I did nothing in my life as “ME” at the end of my life.

Just 10 days before my first chemotherapy appointment, two friends sent me the link of The Truth About Cancer almost same time. After watching the first episode, I knew that “I will do this”. Without knowing what I will need to do, I have chosen to heal myself. There was no hesitation or confusion. It was my spirit telling me that this is for me. It was the first time, which I caught my inner message or I would say it was “the voice from my spirit”, and I followed.

Today, If people see me, they would never think that I have cancer. I have found PEACE within me through my healing journey. Do we have to feel miserable and unhappy when we have a life-threatening disease? Now I know that I do not have to. It is my own choice. How to live and how to feel. No one can force me to be unhappy.

I share my stories with you, including my vulnerability, struggles, happiness, and inspirations. It is also my hope that this website helps those who relate to cancer, either having cancer or having loved ones who have cancer.



My first Breast Cancer (DCIS) was in 2012. I had a lumpectomy to remove a golf ball size tumor. Then I was diagnosed with invasive Breast Cancer in March 2016. It grew quite large and within three and a half year. Although I was recommended to do all conventional treatments, I have decided to heal my cancer naturally this time. At the beginning, I had no idea what exactly I needed/wanted to do. So, much of what I share here on my website is what I have researched, learned and what I am doing by my own decisions.




I LOVE eating & cooking. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010, cooking has become an essential part of my life because it requires a strict Gluten Free diet, I have been cooking almost everything from scratch. Now, I am on a Ketogenic diet as part of my Cancer healing process as well. Even though cooking has become a requirement, I find joy within cooking. As many would say, “what you eat is making your body and spirit.” We have the power to nourish ourselves by injecting positive vibrations into our food!  


My cancer is created because...

 Hello everyone,Wow, it has almost been 9 months since my last post! I am super excited to come back and write my blog again. First of all, I just realized that it is my 19th anniversary since I moved from Tokyo to San Francisco! Time really flies. One more year to celeburate 20th!Recently, I had a consulting of Astrology by Kaori Mayumi. Then, I have found out that San Francisco was the right spot for creating my family and all other g ......



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