I'm Ran Oehl. Nice meeting you!

Born in Tokyo, I now live in North Beach in San Francisco since 2001. Though I consider Japan as my home country, San Francisco has become my hometown. I so adore this city! I moved from Tokyo, where I grew up, to San Francisco in 2001. After six months I started my American life here, 911 happened while I was still in a language school… Since then, although it was not easy to make a life here as a foreigner, who did not speak English at all at her arrival, I made it through to today and I can say that even every bit of bitter memories was all worth it.


I just knew one thing so clearly. I did not want to go back to Tokyo where I always felt some emptiness. Now I have my amazing German husband and a daughter, who was born in 2013. We are surrounded by beautiful nature, multi-cultures, amazing friends and an incredible community. I want to thank again to “me” who had the courage to move here.

There is always a place that can become your home

In 2006, I started my original blog in Japanese by using the Japanese blog network, to encourage Japanese people to try living outside of Japan, because that was what I believe to be one of the best things I have done in my life. I had a lot of struggles and challenges during my time in Japan, including being bullied while I attended schools. I never felt comfortable being “me” in Japanese society. I was always a strange person in Japan. I am not particularly suggesting to come to the U.S.A. But if any Japanese people feel stuck there, I wanted them to know that there are many other places that could become their hometown!


In 2010, I moved my blog to FeelMuchBetter.com. I was on and off writing it. It was very inconsistent over the last several years because my life got quite busy with so many events and many changes in my life including giving birth to my daughter and raising her. It was simply not possible with the time available for me! I guess all moms could share this feeling and my excuses.

I have never been healthy as long as I remember

Another reason why I could not manage time to write my blog was my health issues. If you are interested in the details, here is the page -Breast cancer and me


Breast cancer, this health issue has given me an opportunity and a whole new path to my life. It began with a Breast cancer diagnosis, and then it opened a new conversation within me, and I realized that “I have never experienced good health in my life as long as I remember...” 


It was shocking!! I have always been sick or struggled with some kind of health issues.


Here is a brief example… I must say that it is quite depressing: 


Before I started going to elementary school, I already had skin eczema which is called “atopic dermatitis” in Japanse. I had asthma before I entered in my junior high school. I started taking tranquilizers and sleeping pills when I was 18 years old because I had depression. My atopic dermatitis” continued hurting me until I discovered that I had celiac disease in December 2010. By not being diagnosed with Celiac disease for almost 40 years, I had severe leaky gut symptoms such as brain fog, losing memories, severe stomach issues, etc. from 2007~2010. I cannot even count how many symptoms have disappeared by just removing Gluten from my diet. Then, we struggled to get pregnant for several years. I had severe skin rashes when I took medications. In 2012, I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and it has come back in 2016. 

Our body’s wisdom

My life and myself needed such a drastic and devastating way to wake up and make changes. Because of Breast cancer, I could really explore “who really I am” and I have learned so much about myself, the human body, spirit, and the laws of this universe.


I would almost say that I got cancer to go through this process to understand and learn the mechanism of the human body. Yes, I could have learned it even I had healthy body/life by going to schools. But I would not be able to understand everything like I do today - understanding by experiencing with my cells.


Today, I believe that cancer is not created because our body failed or had errors. I have learned that the human body only does these things to survive, not to destroy itself. So anything, like pimples, getting colds, any symptoms and reactions in the body would be part of our body’s survival mechanism and its own wisdom. That is what I believe. 


It has been such a rough road which not only did inflict me with so much pain and tears but also allowed me to meet my mentors, many great teachings, books, doctors and teachers. And most importantly, I have finally found the purpose of my life.


One of the greatest gifts and door-opening through my healing journey is having come across books and teachings by the late Dr. Toru Abo, Yoko Alexsander, and Dr. Hiroyuki Sakitani. If I did not find them, perhaps, I am still in a very difficult place with my health recovery and I would have destroyed my health completely. What they share and teach has helped me to understand the fundamentals of the human body and to have a bird's-eye view on what I have learned. I am forever grateful that my path was guided to find them. 

The grief and pain within my heart, my life mission

Deep within me, I have the grief and pain of all those people, who are suffering and struggling with health issues, like I have. There would be thousands of, millions of people, who are like me, who just want to feel good, improve their health… just want to be healed from their health issues. They just want to smile, want to spend their time with their loved ones… but they simply cannot do it because their health issues hold them.  


I know I cannot help all these people. But my hope is that my tiny blog can share some information and inspire people, so that they can find a hint for their well-being and great health. I even want to share stories from my mistakes, so that people would not need to go through the same roads that I took. 


My path of rebuilding good health will continue on. Learning and researching will be my life-time purpose and sharing what I found with you and the world has become my life-time mission.


It is my dream that, one day, there will be a world where people will be able to take care of their health themselves and manage their health without fear, but with confidence. 


Together, we take small steps and we can leap into a great change.


The mechanism of our body and the Universe is fascinatingly smart. Let’s trust it. It is my body. It is your body. No one else can trust it better than oneself.  


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. 


With all my love,

Ran Oehl



June 19th, 2019


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