Learning the mechanism of human body

Learning the mechanism of human body


ear ones,

How is your summer treating you?

I love summer, since it includes my birthday. I had my 48th birthday last week :) I did not plan anything special, and I asked my husband not to plan anything either.

I just wanted to have a day with my family. They made a lovely breakfast and I started my birthday with them. It was perfect.

This season makes me feel growing energy from Mother Earth. I told my acupuncturist that I am planning to utilize and receive as much energy as possible from this season to boost my healing process.

I have to share with you a conversation with my daughter, Sora.

Me : You know? Mama is just perfectly happy by having you and papa. I do not need anything else.
Sora : I wish we have a little baby sister!!
Me : But (I was continuing to say that it would depend on God and my current body may not be able to do it..)
Sora : I know, I know, mama. (And she pointed to my breast)
Sora : Your breast needs to be better :)
Me :
Sora : I think you will be much better just a bit before summer ends. Just before the end of summer!
Me : … Yes, I think so, too!
…We were in great smiles together.

It was amazing.

She actually never said something like this. She knows that I am not in good health. But she never complained or mentioned when I will be over with my health issue.

At 5 years old, she created a powerful affirmation for me.

Let’s go back to my business!

Today, I want to share the summary of where I am at, and the reason why I can accept Sora’s affirmation really positively and confidently.

Over the last 6 months, I have been learning a lot about the mechanism of the human body. I have read so many books by the late Dr. Toru Abo and Dr Hiroyuki Sakitani, and have also been taking incredible classes by Yoko Alexsander. (Sorry for English speaking folks. She is Japanese and offers classes in only Japanese at this moment. If you understand Japanese, I highly recommend her classes! She is a Guru)

Now I am getting real information that I wish I could have learned a long time ago.

I must say this. We all, including some doctors and health experts, do not know how our body works or ignore the root cause of where our body’s system fails.

What I am talking about is nothing new or not a new study. To understand it, we do not need to be a professor or a graduate student. I believe that this basic information was studied in our classes in junior high school, biology, biochemistry, etc. But it seems no one remembers or cares about it.

I am still at the beginning of my studies. However, I do believe that I’ve got the most fundamental part. So, I have started applying many things to my health recovery project from my learnings since February.

I have already seen amazing changes after 2~3 months:

My body temperature has changed
I used to have 36c (96.8f) or below. For over three decades, I used to have a very cold body. My feet were icy cold at night and I could not fall asleep. Now my hands are warm or hot all day long and my deep body temperature is always around 36.8~37(98.24~98.6). 

My blood pressure is more normal
I used to have something like 82-56 or lower sometimes. Nurses at hospitals always asked me “Is this normal with you? Are you feeling okay?” But it is no longer so.

My Thyroid number seems to be back to normal
For years, my MD and Naturopathic doctors always told me that I had Hypothyroid and would strongly recommend taking Thyroid medication.

I have more energy than compared to the last few years
Now, I can spend more time with my daughter

#1 is a huge change. Especially these doctors in alternative medicine, they always said “Warming up your body is mandatory for your health recovery” 

I have not seen better changes with my Cancer yet. But I am okay. Another learning I had is, “Body needs time

Speaking with my new doctor and learning from the classes I take, I would assume that my body may need 3~4 years to complete an update. It is the same as farming. If you want to create a very healthy organic field, it would take a minimum of 4~5 years, wouldn't it? So I will just take the step-by-step approach.

If I can see great improvements like above in just 3~6 months, it sounds very promising to see more changes in the next 6 months and so on!

I am observing what my body can do. It is fascinating to see changes on a daily basis
Today, I will share only the summary. I hope that you will follow and come back to read my upcoming posts, because what I have learned and been applying to me are very simple things. But they are so fundamental for the human body.

My mistakes that may have caused worsening my Cancer by the end of 2018
  • Low carbohydrate diet (Ketogenic diet)
  • Underestimated stress management
  • Excess amount of Omega 3 consumption

My new learnings in 2019
  • We need healthy glycometabolism - this is a MUST for almost all health issues out there
  • PUFA (Poly Unsaturate Fatty Acid) such as Omega 3, Omega 6 oil is a root cause of many health issues that are found with our generation
  • Cancer and many illnesses are not caused by mysterious failures or errors of our body. It is the outcome of the low functioning low energy body


Even I said we need glycometabolism, please do not jump to grab sweet food!! You need to eat healthy Glucose and Fructose to support your system.

If you came to my blog to find the info about Ketogenic diet, I really want you to consider to put it on hold, because I do not want you to make the same mistakes I did and potentially ruin your health even more… Please come back to read the future post to find out why.

I also would like you to consider do not follow a low carb diet, especially for those of you who have health issues…. Even for healthy people, if you want to stay healthy, energetic and young :)

Yes, I strictly followed the Ketogenic diet from summer in 2016 to the end of 2018. I shared my low carb recipes on my blog posts. But I would not recommend it at all after understanding how our body works.

Lastly, if you are consuming PUFA (contained in many plant-based oils and seeds) on a daily basis, I would recommend to reduce or stop it. This is a massive topic and I cannot write about it in one simple post. But I promise to share all of what I have discovered in my future posts…

Thank you again for stopping by my blog and taking your time to read here.

Wherever you are now, I am sending love to you!! So, you know, you are loved,

Ran Oehl 

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