7 things that I am doing

7 things that I am doing


hen I first decided to only do alternative/natural treatments, I was collecting so much information from doctors, friends and online resources. It was overwhelming because I wanted to do everything!


I did everything that looked like it would help. In the first 4 months, I’d become vegan. I’d drunken organic green juice that my husband made for me with our juicer every morning. I would go through 4~6 mason jars a day. It was a lot. I took them wherever I went. I’d stopped all food that many suggested as unhealthy such as wine, coffee, dairy, meat, and all refined and processed food. We installed a water filter at home, we changed household products to non-toxic ones. It was a lot of change in my family life, not only for myself.


Today, I ask my doctors and other professionals for advice, but I choose what I want to apply to my healing after taking some time to screen/evaluate all the information. Then, I decide which supplements I take, how often I do screening tests, what type of diets I follow, and most importantly what my goal is. I’ll tell you, it has become much more simplified when compared to the summer of 2016.


2017 January My husband and me

My husband is the best supporter I could have and he is the big part of my decision making process. However, he does not always know all the details of what I am doing, because we don’t have time to go over every single detail together… If we want to discuss everything, it would require the time of a full time job. With our busy “everyday life with a 3 year old”, it would be impossible. I keep him informed of the overall picture, so that we can be on the same page.


I also wanted to mention that I barely had time to update what I am doing with my family in Japan and in-laws in Germany. I know they are very kind, patient and supportive by not asking questions to me often. I imagine if I were in their position….. It is one of the hardest things to do… to just be there, not ask questions, and support whatever your loved one chooses. I have the deepest appreciation to my family members, who let me do what I believe as my best.


That is one of the reasons I started my blog. I hope that this blog can become a place where my dear family and friends can learn what I am doing and where I am with my healing process.



7 things that I try to balance

and take care of in my everyday life.


1. Not living for cancer, but living to create joy in my life

Healing my Breast cancer is just part of my everyday life. It is not my only focus. I am not thinking about cancer every minute of every day. In the beginning, before I shifted my attitude, it was so tiring, so exhausting because I was always thinking, “WI have Cancer ...... what do I do now? Am I going to die? Will my cancer spread if something goes wrong?”, all the time!!


Taking care of my health is one of many very important things; I am aware of how serious and chronic my health issue is. But despite that, it’s become just another part of my life. I feel that cancer is like any other illness, I just have a slightly more complicated and difficult condition to heal.


My mentor introduced me a wonderful eBook “10 Steps to Epic Joy” by Steve Curtis and in the book, it said “do not refer to yourself as your dis-ease. Example, STOP SAYING, ‘Hi, my name is ____ and I have cancer.’


Of course, it was difficult to think the way I do now when I started my own natural healing journey. You know why? Because I was too busy worrying about my cancer all day...


Today, I have learned that cancer brought me a very deep message that has helped me awaken true self. Because of this, I realized that it is not something I need to fight or be afraid of.


Also, I have learned that it is important not hold on to anxiety and fear all time, because these negative emotions create stress hormones that suppress our immune systems. It was definitely the first step, which helped me get started with any happy healing process. I had to learn to stop worrying about having cancer every moment. I can tell you that it changed my life vastly, and I am not mentally tired by having cancer ;-).



2. Healthy diet that works for me - personalized diet

As you hear all the time, Food is medicine. What we eat creates our bodies and nourishes our spirits. Therefore, I now believe even more in how important it is to be conscious about what we ingest and how we cook. I do not let my ego choose what I eat. For example, I do not choose guilty pleasure food such as food that’s high in sugar, gluten or alcohol etc. I do not even miss them any more :) I choose food that my body and spirit say, “Thank you, too. That’s the kind of food I want to eat.


Here is the overview of my everyday diet

  • Eliminated bad food and optimized my eating habit: Although I thought I was really eating healthier than normal by starting a strict Gluten free diet in 2010, I now can say that it was not enough. I learned so much about what we are eating after I changed my diet last year. Although we were already pretty good with removing GMO food, hormone-filled commercial dairy products, processed white stuff (especially sugar) and all lined up artificial flavors and additives, we searched for extra details. I have also stopped consuming alcohol and caffeine. What is my goal? It is to create healthy guts and digestive functions because it is said that more than 80% of immune functions live in our guts. Today, I buy organic and pasture raised produces and meat and wild caught seafood. I still eat healthy meat, dairy and other things by making certain choices to keep my gut health optimal, with moderate amount.
  • Ketogenic diet: I have been on this diet for more than 1 year now since September 2016. It is known as a low-carb and high-fat ratio diet. Cancer cells source sugar (glucose) as main fuel, and if we reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, we can basically sturb cancer cells. I mean…. in the big picture. My Ketogenic diet limits myself to 12 grams of carbohydrate (net carb) intake with moderate protein intake. I usually keep fat consumption around 82~85% of my diet.
  • Intermittent fasting: I learned that this helps to maintain my Ketone level optimal. There are many different terms of Intermittent fasting. I fast 16 hours every day. My breakfast is around 8am, and my dinner is around 3:30pm or 4pm. However, I make some exceptions when I have special social events, for going out to dinner etc. :)
  • Budwig diet: I am not 100% following this protocol. But I eat a basic Budwig recipe almost every day for lunch: a mixture of cottage cheese, flaxseed and flaxseed oil, it is soooo good! I believe that this is not only for cancer patients, but for everyone who wants to maintain their health! The best about this recipe is that you can get healthy fat easily. I also make it for my family. ;) Lastly, I drink sauerkraut juice every morning as Dr. budwig suggested it.
  • Drink a lot of clean water: I often forget to drink enough water. When I feel thirsty, that means my body is extremely dehydrated - I need to drink water before I feel thirsty. I drink only filtered water, which is PH controlled. We use Kangen water filter.
  • Eat 60~80% of fullness:Hara hachi bun me,” the Japanese say. You should never eat until you feel full with your stomach. I have read this somewhere…. “80% of fullness for regular healthy people, if you are just sick, 70%. If you have chronic health issue, eat 60%



3. Giving my body life

Okay, I confess here. I do not like exercise! ha ha. It is hard for me to commit to constantly moving my body. But after several months of my healing journey, I realized that some basic exercise is much more helpful to keep my vitality optimal than get some treatment sessions. For example, I used to go to see an amazing, devoted reflexologist, 7 days a week for 4 months. Her sessions really helped to boost my immune system. But I realized that though her work can boost my immune system, it is not fundamentally fixing my health issue. Meaning, if I stop seeing her, my immune system will fall apart again. Yet, if I were to simply walk everyday and build up my muscle, that would help to improve my overall stamina and keep my vitality in much better shape.

  • Walking 2 miles on weekdays: Since April 2017, I go for a walk at least once a day on weekdays, about 45 mins around North Beach in San francisco, where we have many hills. It is about 2 miles and it gives me 20~40 floors worth of vertical movement. :)
  • Stretch and Yoga: I also try to do 20~30mins yoga or to stretch 2~3 times a week. I like to combine my yoga time with 10~15mins of meditation.
While I enjoy my daily walk, I have started taking pictures of San Francisco scenery. You can follow my Instagram or Facebook page to discover SF beauty!



4. Plenty of quality sleep

This is still one of my biggest challenges that I have. My goal is to sleep 8 hours, from 9:45 pm~5:45 am. I have difficulty committing to this schedule, because I used to be a night owl. To be honest, I am not able to go to bed before 10:30pm most days. Therefore, I tend to only sleep around 7 hours a night, sometimes a little less.

  • Biomat: I lie down on Biomat about 1h or more before going to bed. 99% of time, I fall asleep after 15~20mins on it. Then I move to my bed probably after 1~1.5h. Since my body is really warm, I can instantly go back to sleep after moving to my bed. This helps me fall asleep, and sleep through the night.
  • Melatonin: I take 40 mgs of melatonin every night.



5.Supporting supplements and herbs

I take natural supplements and herbs daily. The main purpose of taking them is to keep my nutritional level optimal. Our bodies could become intolerant of these good supplements if we take them too long. So, I change or take a break from some supplements from time to time. Here are some staples for the supplements I take.

  • Probiotic
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Melatonin
  • Essiac tea
  • Tibetan supplement
  • Iodine
  • Pottesium
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • Medicinal mushrooms (Turkey mushroom, Reishi or Maitake )



6.Doctors,supportive treatments and tests for tracking

I met many doctors and healers, and I’ve tried many types of healing sessions. Since I feel very comfortable with what I am doing, I see my integrative doctor just for follow up and monitoring reasons. I also see other practitioners as supportive treatment.

  • Integrative doctor to discuss my ongoing treatment plan and review my overall health including nutritional balance
  • Japanese traditional Acupuncture: One or twice a month
  • Tibetan doctor: I see him every 3~4 months
  • Reiki: Once every a few months. I am also a certified Reiki master. So, I regularly use Reiki for myself
  • RGCC test: every 4~5 months 
  • MRI every 4~6 months



7. Spiritual work

I brought this at the end of this list because this has become the most crucial work for my healing. To be honest, I do not think I can heal my cancer without working in this area. My spiritual level of change and growth has been the biggest support throughout my entire healing process.


When I was diagnosed with my recurrence in March 2016, I really did not know how to hold on to my life. I really could not answer why I needed to live and why I needed to fight with cancer.


Today, I have my answers and I know why cancer was created and came back within me. I also know that this is not something I need to fight. Spiritual work helped me so much, and I was literally able to let go of all my fear toward having cancer at some point during the summer in 2016.


I do not need to fight with Cancer. Cancer did not come to me to hurt me. It came to give me a chance to transform my life. It is a great detoxing system in many ways (physically and spiritually) I have learned that cancer gave me the perfect opportunity to work with my trauma, and I could let go of so many things that gave me so much pain.


Here are some things that really helped me to transform myself on a spiritual level.

  • Working with mentors
  • Shamanic work
  • Meditation
  • Books
  • Breathing exercise
  • Crystals



No single simple recipe

There is no single recipe with which you can just magically heal this disease. In my opinion, we need to review all aspects, body, spiritual, lifestyle and environment, that contribute to your life. The most important thing that you need to do while looking all of these influences is, “listen to your body’s and your spirit’s message.” Even if a supplement has amazing review by others and your doctor says you must take it, you may need to stop it if your body says, “I do not like it.” It’s important to pay attention to the signs and messages that your body and spirit give you.


After over a year and a half, I am happy that I am not overwhelmed and can manage my everyday life without pressure. My everyday life has become really grounded and peaceful.


You do not have to follow the same diet I do or any these on my list. You just keep the list as one of many samples and create your own recipe by optimizing each section…. Add/Remove as much you feel you need to, to make every part of your life very content.



Ran’s healing recipe

  1. Be happy, create joy for myself. By being positive and happy, I can raise my immune system. Do not create negative feelings, especially guilty feeling within me
  2. Relax! Do not create stress - Stress suppress my immune system. I am still working on this a lot. This is my biggest challenge! But It’s critical to not create stress within myself. Stress creates stress hormones and lowers my immune system. Also, it is important to create a space for myself, where I can feel and hear my inner spirit’s’ voice.
  3. Eat well by focusing on creating optimal guts and digestive environments. 70~80% of my immune system is in my guts. Drink a lot of water.
  4. Get enough quality sleep - go to bed early and try to sleep 7~8 hours. My liver needs to rest while I sleep. My body needs to recover bad cells and create new cells while I sleep. Quality sleep helps to balance good hormones. NK cells can work when I am sleeping. Sleep is critical.
  5. Move my body. Moving my body helps to get oxygen and build muscle and vitality. Moving can help my blood-stream that helps to detox in many ways. Muscle also helps to raise body temperature. (I know this might not be available for everyone as some types of cancer would create some physical limitation with pain etc. So only if your body say yes to do it...)
  6. Get support from mentors, doctors, healers and natural supplements and herbs.
  7. Create time for myself, to find a connection to my spirit and listen to the message my body and spirit want to tell me.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading! It means a lot for me to share my journey with you. Please feel free to share this page or my site with anyone .


Ran Oehl

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