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Why do you want to live?

Today, I have something to share with you. It is part of my Breast Cancer healing journey, but it goes beyond. About two years ago, in March 2016, there was an intensive of shamanic ceremony. The intensive was held by my mentor’s mentor, a shaman from Peru. I signed up around January 2016 before I was diagnosed with my second time breast cancer. Then, in February, I have found that my Breast Can... 11

  Why do you want to live?

ここ半年のこと - 乳がんの再発



マウイ島 - ★五つのレストラン

マウイ島での休暇も残るところ2日。2週間長かったようで、こうして終わりが近づいてくるとあっという間に感じます。今日は知り合いなどからも教えてもらい、ガイドでも5Starsのmama's seafood restaurantに行ってきました。こちらのレストラン、食べる事に関しては経験値の高い夫と私ですが、色々... 4

  マウイ島 - ★五つのレストラン

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