Himalayan Pink Salt Grass-Fed Ghee Butter (9 Ounce)

by 4th & Heart

4th & Heart - Ghee Butter Himalayan Pink Salt - 9 oz. (255 g) 4th & Heart Ghee Butter Himalayan Pink Salt is a very lightly salted, lightly whipped ghee, that is perfect to add flavor to just about anything. Himalayan salt also has some spectacular benefits necessary for our everyday health. In contrast to table salt, Himalayan salt absorbs better into the body and to name a few benefits, helps regulate water content throughout body, promotes blood sugar health and bone strength. Ghee alone is an excellent alternative to butter for those who are lactose intolerant and who want the taste of butter, without the disadvantages of processed margarines. Unlike other oils it is rich in butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid that is great for your overall health and digestion. Aside from its many health benefits, Ghee's buttery taste makes it an excellent addition to your every day cooking oils, is extremely easy to cook with and delicious simply spread on a piece of toast. Made with grass-fed butter Lactose-free alternative to butter High smoke point: 250 °C / 482 °F No refrigeration necessary Rich in oil-soluble vitamins A, D & E Rich in Vitamin K-2 Paleo-friendly Gluten-free Non-GMO Halal About 4th & Heart 4th & Heart is a gourmet food product company, founded by Raquel Tavares Gunsagar and is based in Los Angeles, California. The company derives its inspiration from an innate desire to inspire others to live life to its fullest potential. 4th & Heart is passionate about simple foods and food ingredients that are often passed over due to changes in cultural food trends and health findings. These culinary ”lost treasures“ are brought back to life in 4th & Heart's product lineup, which includes ancient foods like ghee - the Indian version of clarified butter. Ghee is a yet-untapped culinary treasure in mainstream American diets, with incredible flavor and health benefits.From Amazon product description.

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Wild Himalayan Pink Salt

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Pink Himalayan salt is great for seasoning and getting enough sodium and minerals. According to Dr. Axe, Pink Himalayan Salt provides benefits like below. Read more about its amazing benefits on his website. Salt is Replace your table salt.

  1. Improves Respiratory Problems
  2. Balances Body’s pH
  3. Natural Digestive Aid
  4. Air Purifier
  5. Better Sleep Inducer

Salt is the essential of every cooking! Replace in your kitchen and your table salt :)

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