A road to truly healthy living

Hi, I am Ran.
Welcome to my website, where I share my personal stories, my inspirations, stories of health recovery and my healing journey of Breast Cancer.

I want to ask you a question.
Are you healthy? Or do you struggle with your health?

One day I asked this question to myself. Then I realized that I had never had a time that I had a good healthy body and spirit together.
I am in the late forties. As far as I remember, I always had some kind of health issues since I was a child.
It might be hard to believe it because many people see me as a healthy person with good energy even today.
If you see my picture or see me in person now, you would not believe either that I have been living with Breast cancer since 2012.

Breast cancer has given me a huge opportunity to rethink and rebuild my health.
 It is one of the best gifts that I have received in my life. If someone tells me that I would be able to be cancer free, but I have to lose all the experiences and memories that I had through this journey, I would not exchange for it.
Even I live with Cancer, today, I am at the most grateful, fullest and happier place ever I have been.

I still do not know how long it would take me to get back my good health and how much health I will be able to recover. I have come to learn how much damage my body has received over four decades. By understanding the reality of damage, I am honestly not surprised that I got Cancer.

Good news is that I have a great & strong spirit. In my book, there is no word of “Giving up”.
So, I know that I will experience good health with my body, and say to myself one day,
Wow! This is the feeling of being TRULY HEALTHY!
I really cannot wait to experience it. I am dreaming about it every day, to feel…

Vibration and harmony of a good healthy body and spirit together

Through this journey, I have also realized that it is my mission to share my experiences and the information that might be useful for some people.

I share my stories with you, including my vulnerability, mistakes, struggles, joy, happiness, and inspirations.
It is also my hope that this website helps those people who relate to cancer and whoever carry their desires to be well and healthy.

Let hopes to shine our future and make our own good healthy life

We are the ones to make it.

Many of you know that I have a 4 years old daughter. I do not think I was a funny silly girl, but she is. She is like all other children at her age full of imagination. She simply cannot stop her imagination and goes on and on about her joyous creations. Watching her is never boring.Children have pure and innocent point of views. At her age, they are usually not conditioned by pre-programmed information yet. Most of the time, they are not responding by Right or Wrong. They are responding by how they fee ...
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This post is continued from the previous post: “LET FEARS COME UP IN THE SURFACE”Around the beginning of September, I started feeling that spiritual blockages might be the biggest factor in creating my cancer and in delaying my healing.Why? I have been quite confident in and feeling good about my diet and other everyday commitments, and I honestly feel that I ...
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The time has finally come! I am so excited to resume my blog. This time, my goal is to write in English as well. I will to, at least, though I may only use one language if the topic is more relevant to one over the other.   I started writing my blog in Japanese back in 2006. I wanted to share my experience and my stories of how I survived living an American l ...
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Breast cancer & me

cancer is not a failure of our body

My first Breast cancer (DCIS) was in 2012. I had a lumpectomy to remove a golf ball size tumor. Then I was diagnosed with invasive Breast cancer in March 2016. It grew quite large and within three and a half year. Although I was recommended to do all conventional treatments, I have decided to heal my cancer naturally this time. At the beginning, I had no idea what exactly I needed/wanted to do. So, much of what I share here on my website is what I have researched, learned and what I am doing by my own decisions.

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Food & me

good food makes me smile

I LOVE eating & cooking. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010, cooking has become an essential part of my life because it requires a strict Gluten-free diet, I have been cooking almost everything from scratch. Now, I think that cooking is a very important part of my Cancer healing process as well. Even though cooking has become a requirement, I find joy within cooking. As many would say, “what you eat is making your body and spirit.” We have the power to nourish ourselves by injecting positive vibrations into our food!

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