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There is always an exitThere have been a countless time that I was hopeless and in despairSo many times, I thought I could never be able to escape for the rest of my life and I was at a loss It seemed unrealistic to have hope, even if people told me that I must have hopeI was lonely, I was aloneBut there was always a doorThere was certainly an exitWhen I was thereI didn't think that I could go to ...

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Learning the mechanism of human body

Dear ones,How is your summer treating you? I love summer, since it includes my birthday. I had my 48th birthday last week :) I did not plan anything special, and I asked my husband not to plan anything either. I just wanted to have a day with my family. They made a lovely breakfast and I started my birthday with them. It was perfect. This season makes me feel growing energy from Mother Earth. I t...

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My cancer is created because...

Hello everyone,Wow, it has almost been 9 months since my last post! I am super excited to come back and write my blog again. First of all, I just realized that it is my 19th anniversary since I moved from Tokyo to San Francisco! Time really flies. One more year to celebrate 20th!Recently, I had a consulting of Astrology by Kaori Mayumi. Then, I have found out that San Francisco was the right spot ...

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Why do you want to live?

Today, I have something to share with you. It is part of my Breast Cancer healing journey, but it goes beyond. About two years ago, in March 2016, there was an intensive of shamanic ceremony. The intensive was held by my mentor’s mentor, a shaman from Peru. I signed up around January 2016 before I was diagnosed with my second time breast cancer. Then, in February, I have found that my Breast Can...

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There is nothing left behind me

ppy 2018! Wherever you are in the world, I hope that you had a great kick-off to 2018.If you are following my Instagram or Facebook, you have seen my end of year message. I would like to share it here.“2017, thank you. I am simply grateful for what I experienced and received in 2017. I am full of gratitude. You helped me to wake me up and activated all potentials. Even these events, which I...

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Unconscious fears of receiving love

This post is continued from the previous post: “LET FEARS COME UP IN THE SURFACE”Around the beginning of September, I started feeling that spiritual blockages might be the biggest factor in creating my cancer and in delaying my healing.Why? I have been quite confident in and feeling good about my diet and other everyday commitments, and I honestly feel that I am quite healthy aside from the ca...

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Let Fears come up in the surface

In these past weeks, I have not been able to work as much as I’ve wanted to. That includes writing blog posts. There were a lot of things that I mentally and spiritually needed to process. They were about fears that I had not even recognized as fears. I have written that I was able to let go of my fear. Yes, at some point during the summer of 2016, I found that I could overcome the fear of h...

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7 things that I am doing

When I first decided to only do alternative/natural treatments, I was collecting so much information from doctors, friends and online resources. It was overwhelming because I wanted to do everything!   I did everything that looked like it would help. In the first 4 months, I’d become vegan. I’d drunken organic green juice that my husband made for me with our juicer every morning. ...

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You have time - One advice I want to share

Since I started on my path of naturally healing my Breast cancer, it’s become more apparent to others that I’m looking and feeling better and healthier. My friends and people around me started asking me to share my story or give tips & advice for their friends or family who have been diagnosed with cancer. If I had a chance to talk with a person who has cancer, who is just being di...

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