Breast Cancer and Me

It was the middle of April 2016, just about 10 days before my first chemotherapy appointment. Two friends sent me a link to The Truth About Cancer at almost the same time. After watching the first episode and I had an instant rush of self-confidence, “I can do this. I will do this”. I wanted to heal my cancer naturally, without relying on conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery.

After that, like many people would, I opened up Google and begun searching keywords like “Breast cancer”, “Alternative cancer treatment”, etc... all day long.

I found websites and blogs where people wrote about their experiences with their cancer, fighting it and healing. I bookmarked them all. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time on the internet searching and reading. When I found similar diagnosis, situations, and desires of natural healing, I very much sympathized with them, and I learned a lot from those stories and experiences. They were truly helpful, especially when I found detailed information and stories that I could compare with my own case. I appreciate all those who put their personal stories online, and I feel the deepest gratitude for what I learned from them.

This experience, led me to the decision to write about my health history in as much detail as possible. The history of my health issues will include not only breast cancer, but also all of the other health challenges I had, because I strongly believe that all my health issues are connected to my breast cancer development. So I feel that is important to share all these issues as well.

The treatment options and choices are unique for each individual. So, I want everyone to know that I am not trying to suggest my way to anyone. I just feel that this information may help someone to kick off their own healing journey, or could give others the feeling of relief that comes from finding someone who has a similar story.

Why I Created my Breast Cancer?
I also want to share my beliefs with you of why I developed breast cancer. After spending more than 1 year since I decided to go on alternative treatments, I am actually not surprised as to why I got cancer and why it grew quite large within 3 years and 9 months - between the first DCIS in March 2012 and the second diagnosis in March 2016. I will write more in detail about my thoughts, but below is the list of events and impacts, which I believe caused my breast cancer.

  • My immune system was really weak, because of :
    • Celiac disease not being diagnosed for almost 40 years
    • Breastfeeding for 1 year and 10 months took lots of energy from my body, and I was not putting my health as a first priority during this time.
  • Traumas
  • High stresses
  • IVF process before and after DCIS lumpectomy
  • Low self-esteem and spiritually being ill
  • Unhealthy diet
  • The first lumpectomy may have stimulated cancer cells and triggered growth

My Health history

Below is my brief health history. I will add the details and stories to each past stage when I find more time. (You will find links with each stage once I write them on my blog.)
For now, I want to move forward and spend more time on writing about WHAT I DO NOW. So, please come back to check here or please subscribe for email updates.

  1. 1971 June 19th : Born in Tokyo Japan.
  2. 2010 October : Diagnosed with Celiac disease and started Gluten free diet.
  3. 2012 March : Diagnosed with DCIS.
  4. 2012 April : First MRI, and it revealed the size of irregular hypoechoic mass was measured 1.9cm x 1.9cm x 1cm.
  5. 2012 April : Consultations with the reproductive department at UCSF to find out the options to have kid(s).
  6. 2012 April~May : We decided to do IVF process and freeze embryos, so that we would have options to have a baby after my surgery or when I am ready.
  7. 2012 June 5th : lumpectomy of DCIS - I removed about a golf ball size.
  8. 2012 June 11th : Meeting with my surgeon at UCSF, when I was told that there was no invasive cancer.
  9. 2012 July 25th : Another meeting with my surgeon at UCSF. According to the conversation with her, all margins were clean (*1) and I do not have to do another surgery. If my Oncotype DCIS Score test comes back low risk, she would not need to recommend radiation either.
  10. 2012 August 17th : The Oncotype DCIS Score test results came back as less than 5% of chance that I would have a recurrence. So my doctor said that we should try to have a child first.
  11. 2013 January : Started IVF process.
  12. 2013 April 23rd : we received the call from the nurse from the reproductive department and my pregnancy test came back as positive.
  13. 2013 December 24th : After 55 hours of labor, I gave birth to my daughter.
  14. 2014 December : I would say it was around December around my daughter’s birthday… I have noticed that my left breast had some hard texture. An almost feeling of having a small disk around the upper side of my left breast. But I did not take any actions (such as seeing doctors), since I was 50/50 it might be cancer or tenderness through breastfeeding.
  15. 2015 September~October : My Cornea Herpes became active and I started losing vision of my left eye. I stopped breastfeeding because I had to take medications.
  16. 2016 March 7th : I was back at UCSF to check on my left breast. The doctor who performed the Ultrasound assumed that there was a high chance of cancer.
  17. 2016 March 9th : Through fine needle biopsy, they found cancer cells. The nurse suggested doing a biopsy including the lymph nodes, so that we could confirm if it is invasive or not. They found cancer cells in the lymph nodes - the confirmation it was invasive cancer ...
  18. 2016 March 11th : MRI and PET/CT.
  19. 2016 March 16th : They did not find metastasis. My left breast was roughly 7 x 9 x 9 cm (AP, TR, CC) and three lymph nodes were affected.
  20. 2016 March : My doctor’s initial suggestions were: chemotherapy to reduce the tumor size, then surgery. Depending on the outcome, she assumed that I might need radiation and then continue on hormone therapy.
  21. 2016 March~April : I did 2 more biopsies to apply for a clinical trial.
  22. 2016 April : I watched the documentary “The Truth About Cancer” and put the conventional treatment options on hold and started researching and applying alternative treatments.
  23. 2016 April~June : Meanwhile, the UCSF doctor also suggested to go on hormone therapy instead of chemotherapy to try to shrink the size of tumor, but I still decided to put this suggestion on hold.
  24. 2016 July : First RGCC test results was 5.8
  25. 2016 July 25th : Starting high dose vitamin C and other protocols for 6 weeks.
  26. 2016 October : MRI. It showed no change from the last MRI in March 2016.
  27. 2016 December 12th : Second RGCC test results was 3.9
  28. 2016 December : Started seeing the reflexologist 7 days a week for 4 months
  29. 2017 April 10th : Third RGCC test result was 3.5
  30. 2017 July 10th : Third RGCC test result was 3.1

(*1) I remember the conversation with her, she said “You are all good!” and she did not mention that there was a positive margin. But apparently, a margin was not clear, which I found that while I was going back to the old record of 2012 discuss my treatment plan in 2016…. I assume that my surgeon made the decision to say “Okay” by 1) knowing that we had strong desire to have a kid. 2) from her experience, it could have been okay with a small left over?!