I am a Japanese who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area

Born in Tokyo, I now live in North Beach in San Francisco since over a decade. Though I consider Japan as my home country, San Francisco has become my hometown. I so adore this city! I moved from Tokyo, where I grow up, to San Francisco in 2001. 6 months later I started my American life here, 911 happened while I was still in a language school… Since then, although it was not easy to make a life here as a foreigner, who did not speak English at all, I made it through to today and I can say that even every bit of bitter memories was all worth it. I just knew one thing so clearly. I did not want to go back to Tokyo where I always felt some emptiness. Now I have my amazing German husband and a daughter, who was bone in 2013. We are surrounded by beautiful nature, multi-cultures, and amazing friends. I want to thank again to “ME” who had the courage to move here.

Why I write my blog

I have been writing my blog on and off since 2006. I started in Japanese by using the Japanese blog network, to encourage Japanese people to try living outside of Japan, because that is what I believe was one of the best things I did in my entire life. I had a lot of struggles and challenges during my time in Japan, including being bullied while I attended schools. I never felt comfortable being “ME” in the Japanese society. I was always a strange person in Japan. It does not need to be the USA, but if any Japanese people feel stuck there, I want them to know that there are many places that could become their hometown!
In 2010, I moved my blog to FeelMuchBetter.com… and I was just posting from time to time, not consistently over the last several years because my life got quite busy with so many events including giving birth to my daughter and raising her. Even though I had some topics that I really wanted to write on my blogs, it was simply not possible with the time available for me! I guess all moms could share this feeling and my excuses.

New reason and passion

Another reason why I could not manage time to write blogs was my health issues. If you are a Japanese reader and a regular visitor here, you have read my post in July 2016. It was about my 2nd Breast cancer recurrence.
Since my 2nd Breast cancer diagnosis in March 2016, I have gone through a lot of things. My first breast cancer in 2012 did not change me and my life a lot. In 2012, I had a surgery and I just kept my life as is. But this time, my ‘Before and After’ are completely different! I have decided not to take any conventional treatment at this moment. The conventional treatments are still options, which I would consider to apply, if it were the best option for me. But at this moment, I know that I am healing and will be able to cure my cancer by using tools offered by my own body and the natural treatments available out there.
After more than one year past, I am finally ready to restart my blog with more reasons and much more passion. I feel that writing my stories and sharing resources from my experience are my mission.

My Breast cancer and my life

Today, my breast cancer is still there. (Click here if you want to read more about my Breast cancer details.) However, I know that it is healing. I also know that I am on the right path. And I also do not have any anxiety or fear by having cancer in my life, though I did have them in the beginning. Cancer came to me a second time and it helped me to change and transform my life. Cancer gave me the opportunity to find the “TRUE ME”, connecting to my spirit and finding my Heart again. My life’s events such as the hectic life as a mother and having cancer are still the same as when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. But now I've never been so grateful and I have inner Peace within me. I am in the best place of my life. 
I feel that some people might be interested in reading stories of my healing journey. Some people may find my resources helpful. Even you do not have cancer, you might be interested in my recipes, my healthy eating tips, which many of my friends actually asked me to share. I also want to share my inspiration from living in Northern California!

Yes, this blog is about my healing journey and my life’s inspirations. But I also have hope that this blog can help people who have cancer or who have a loved one with cancer, and bring peaceful light into their life as well. I believe that we all can share positive vibrations to heal each other. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. 

With all my love,

Ran Oehl
June 19th, 2017


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