New Beginning

in Switzerland June 2017

The time has finally come! I am so excited to resume my blog. This time, my goal is to write in English as well. I will to, at least, though I may only use one language if the topic is more relevant to one over the other.


I started writing my blog in Japanese back in 2006. I wanted to share my experience and my stories of how I survived living an American life, and I wanted to encourage more Japanese people to give living outside of Japan a try. If you want to read it, you can find my previous blog here (it's in Japanese.)


I moved my blog here, to in 2010. But my life got increasingly busy with many events and, especially after 2015, I could not find the time to write regularly.


If you are a Japanese reader and a regular visitor here, you have most likely read my post from June 2016. It was about the recurrence of my breast cancer.


After over a year, I am finally ready and able to restart my blog with more topics and much more passion.


Since my 2nd Breast cancer diagnosis in March 2016, I have gone through a lot of things. My life has changed completely since then. For now, I have decided not to take any conventional treatment. It is an option, but I don’t think it is the best option for me. I know that I can heal my cancer by using tools offered by my own body and the many natural treatments that are available.


Today, my breast cancer is still active according to the western tests and the doctor’s diagnosis. (By the way, I honestly do not believe that I still have cancer!) It has stopped growing, has not metastasized, and I can tell that it is healing.


I do not feel any anxiety or fear from being told that I have cancer, though at first, I felt them a lot. This is the second time that Cancer has come to me and I believe it has helped me to transform myself and my life. I've never been so grateful. I am not exaggerating when I say I am in the best place of my life right now. I have never been so comfortable being “me”. It is the most amazing feeling that I’ve ever had. Cancer has brought me the awareness of my gifts and of what I can give back to the world. Now I’ve realized that I have started a new chapter of my life and I am extremely excited.


I know some people would be interested in reading my healing journey. Many have encouraged me to write and to share my stories and what I have learned. It’s become my life’s mission. I hope that my blog can help others to find inspiration and become the resource for some of the information that people are looking for.

 With love and peace.

Ran Oehl



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English is not my first language.

Though I do feel more comfortable with it than Japanese to express my emotions, I must admit that my English writing skill is not over the top. You will find that my grammar is not perfect. But I write my blog with my heart. I hope that you can feel it regardless my writing skill. 

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