My cancer is created because...

My cancer is created because...


ello everyone,

Wow, it has almost been 9 months since my last post! I am super excited to come back and write my blog again.

First of all, I just realized that it is my 19th anniversary since I moved from Tokyo to San Francisco! Time really flies. One more year to celebrate 20th!

Recently, I had a consulting of Astrology by Kaori Mayumi. Then, I have found out that San Francisco was the right spot for creating my family and all other grateful phenomenons. I am convinced that everything has been on the right path, including all the health issues I have had :) Kaori's consultation was the last validation I needed.

Since the spring of 2018, it has been such an intense journey… and I do not even know where to start sharing it with you.

To be honest, until July in 2018, I really worried about myself, my health and my life. My tumor was growing and I freaked out. I really thought I would go somewhere where I would not be able to come back from. I had thought that cancer would take over the driver's seat and I would lose control of my life.

In July 2018, I was meditating at my mentor’s place and received messages from my spirit guides including Kuan Yin, Golden Tara, and others. It was a profound experience. Since then, I've made a shift accordingly, I surrendered and I stopped resisting to all circumstances.

Things have started changing. A lot of very powerful things started being happened.

I really let go of everything and focused on only myself, my life and my family (my husband and my daughter). Nothing else. It took me 2.5 years to be able to do this. What I can say is that I had carried too much on my shoulders even though I was almost collapsing.

By surrendering, the information and support I needed have started coming to me naturally. They started showing up!! (I will share more details other time.)

Then, I have met an incredible acupuncturist and changed my diet by following his diagnosis. Then, my tumor started shrinking. It was simply amazing to watch what the human body can do (the self-healing ability) in such a short period of time. I watched my body every day and I was awed.

Although it was all fantastic and I enjoyed watching the positive change, things got worse again from the end of December. I assume that all stress and crazy social activities in the beautiful holiday time was not helping me nor my body. It was hard to accept a negative-roll-back :(

In parallel, from around the fall of 2018, I've started finding more information from Japanese doctors and teachers who I come across through my research. I did not have to have big efforts to find them. It was like my spirit guides were showing me to find the information. I was connected to their website, books, classes, etc. like part of the context of my healing journey.

I have found that what they teach and talk are all very similar. I started really looking into their teachings, theories and books and my gut started telling me "This is it.

Then, I could understand why my health went to a downfall last year and why my tumor started growing again.

Sorry that I sound very obscure. But if I start writing the details, it will be a huge post. So I just wanted to start with the outline today :)

I have shared many things on my blog regarding my breast cancer and healing journey including diet, supplements, spiritual healing, and other things. Now I know, that some of these approaches could actually hurt our health!!

It is my mission to share these stories on this blog, so that some people could have the option to learn from my experiences including my mistakes.

Today, I just want to share one thing before I finish. I realized this a few weeks ago.

"Every reactions and symptoms that occur on our body are results of our body's survival effort, and they are not created by our body’s failures or errors. Our body does not have any programming that tries to destroy our body.”
After realizing this, I realized that my cancer is not created by errors of my body. My body needed to develop it in order to survive. I created the environment that my body needed to create cells like cancer. It is part of the mechanism of human survival. It is part of smart survival wisdom.

Sounds difficult to take it in?

It is the same as the Universe’s law. Every phenomenon in this Universe is there to evolve, not for a demise.

Well, cancer may not be as simple as a pimple. But the fundamental is the same. Cancer or disease is not there to destroy our body. It is not bad errors.

My body needed to create it to balance and survive as a whole body. What if, I can change my body to a state that does not need to create cancer? :)

… I think… that is where I will need to go.

What if cancer is there to protect my life...

My mistake was trying to find "What is wrong with my body that created cancer. vWhat is the problem?

I tried to find treatments to attack cancer. I tried the Ketogenic diet to starve cancer cells. Now I know that all these approaches were not right, at least for me!

What if cancer is there to protect my life...and if it can be gone when my body does not have to protect my life by creating cancer?

Well, I know this is a vast topic. Everybody has their own journeys and own ways of healing.

I must share my story here because I have also realized that my mission on this Earth is "sharing my stories” and communicate with you and the world.

Thank you so much for reading! and please stay tuned!
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