Learning from Sora #1

Learning from Sora #1

Unlike me, she is super girly and also fashion  conscious
Some of you know that I have a 4 years old daughter. I do not think I was a funny silly girl, but she is. She is like all other children at her age full of imagination. She simply cannot stop her imagination and goes on and on about her joyous creations. Watching her is never boring.

Children have pure and innocent point of views. At her age, they are usually not conditioned by pre-programmed information yet. Most of the time, they are not responding by Right or Wrong. They are responding by how they feel.

In the past few years, as I have gone through deepening my spiritual path, I have become more sensitive to how fascinating Sora’s thinking and responses are. I would love to share some of her responses that gave me AHA moments or great realizations. I am learning a lot from her. She sometimes ignites my inactive abilities which I forgot that I have while I became a grown-up.

Here is the first story between Sora and myself.




What do you want to be?

During one of our usual sweet bedtimes, I was reading a few books for her. One of her favorite books, which she received from her best friend for her birthday, was “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls -100 tales of extraordinary women
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

It is a quite fascinating to read world renown women’s stories that are compressed into a single page accompanied by beautiful illustrations.
Another fastination is that Sora would pick a woman’ story by her intuition. Between her and myself, we have totally different choices and I am actually quite curious when I wait for her pick.

After reading a few stories of women in different professions, like a world famous woman surfer and a mountain climber, I said the following.
So, I think it is a fun idea to think what we will want to be. Think about what would you want to be when you grow up.

Her response was immediate. No hesitation for even a second.

I want to be Sora! Mama wants to be Ran. Papa wants to be Wilhelm. Right?

With a big smile and with confident. No doubt at all.

Yeah, right!” I said.


When did we start thinking that we have to become something other than ourselves?

In Japanese society, I grow up by being taught that we should find something we want to become, which is usually related to our future occupation. In my culture, a career sounds like part of our own personal expressions.

But after receiving her brilliant response, I realized that we only need to be who we are. As long as we can express who we are, other things may follow as gifts.



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